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    What Mahjong game can be played by three people together


    Sep 22, 2022

    What Mahjong game can be played by three people together

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    1. There are three Mahjong games that can be played together by three people. Generally, most of them are Xiangyang Mahjong gameplay.
      three -person mahjong. This gameplay usually does not allow cards to eat cards, and can only touch or bars.
      The three -person card and five stars in Xiangyang are the latest and popular games in Xiangyang. It uses a pair of Mahjong cards to remove thousands of Zi Zi and the southeast and northwest wind. A total of 84 cards are used to compete for who is the first.
      The Guangshui Mahjong is also a three -person mahjong. The earliest emerged in Suizhou, and then carried forward in Guangshui. The counties and cities and northwestern Hubei were also popular in Guangshui. Remove the northwest wind and thousands of characters in the southeast (just remove it, you can also take away or card).
      The three -person card, a lot of card type changes, and fast card speed is its characteristic.
      The expansion information:
      three -person mahjong has the following types of game rules:
      1. Use all cards
      to keep all Mahjong cards and touch the last one. This is more common. The rules are characterized by the easy card, but the time to play cards is similar to the four -person mahjong.

      2, leaving the card
      . After the card starts the card, start from the end of the card. Keep a certain number of core cards. The core card cannot be opened. Usually 20 to 30 pieces, or more. Some rules that use the cards will directly increase the number of cards.
      3, removing the word card
      has no word, mixed one color, three yuan and four happy, etc., and the difficulty of green color has also increased a lot. The same as removal of 20,000 to 80,000 can not be being removed. 6 The problem of removal.
      Reference materials Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Mahjong

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