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    What does Virginia mean?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. n. Foqinia (name in the United States); Virginia (women's name); Virginia tobacco leaves;
      1. Pronunciation: beauty [vərˈdʒɪnyə];

      two two two , Example:
      all But One Are Attending Public Schools in Fairfax County, Virginia, Outside.
      except one of them, the other students are studying in public schools in Ferfax County, Ferfa, Foqinia, Washington.
      three, vocabulary matching:
      Virginia Creeper u003Cfraction> Wuye Dijin;
      West Virginia Sei Virginia (United States);
      virginia Reel Virginia Earth Wind Dance;
      virginia Cowslip Virginia Wind Bells;
      Virginia FENCE Dococcus;
      Dark Virginia Dark Virginia tobacco;
      Virginia Tobacco Virginia tobacco;
      The expansion data synonym: old dominion;
      , meaning:
      n. The name of Virginia, USA;
      , pronunciation: English [əʊLD dəˈmɪniən]; beauty [oʊLD dəˈmɪniən];

      three, example sentences:

      The is called old autonomous leader in southern Virginia.
      Four, synonym:
      Virginia Foqinia (US state name) ...
      va value analysis (= value ...
      oLD dominion state 1

    2. Bake!
      Virginia (Virginia) was one of the early economic crops of the United States (America). Quoted from Central America and was originally planted in the Jamestown Colony in North America. After harvesting, it was exported to Britain. In the early North American colonies, Virginia played an important historical role. Although it is named after a state in the United States, Virginia has long been cited planting around the world (China is one of the exporters). The highest quality Virginia is produced in Virginia, Georgia, and North and North Carololina. Generally, it is matured by the heat -air pipe treatment method (FLUE -CURED), retaining its color (bright yellow, orange or red). At the same time, its oil slippery and delicate sweetness and flavor are also saved.

      Virginia is the most alcoholic and (mild) among all basic cigarettes, and it is also the highest content of natural sugar. Like many wines and wines, it will be cooked and old -fashioned, and the flavor is changed (improve) (see more aging about tobacco). Because the quality of combustion is good and easy to ignite, it is almost used for almost all deployment (Mixture), and often used as the main material: whether it is English mixture or aromatics, Virginia tobacco is an important formula that is an important formula ; Because of its unique subtlety and complexity, the pure Virginia is also self -contained, favored by many experienced smokers. Moderate use, Virginia can bring out a kind of elegant sweetness. However, as a general pipeline, it is not advisable to use too much, because it has a faster burning speed, and it is not easy for ordinary people to master. It is worth mentioning that Virginia is also the main ingredient of cigarettes.

      In the tightly pressed into a cake -like, the naturally mature old Virginia is the top product of Virginia. Cheese is fragrant. After the fragrant depression, it is also happy, a bit like the smell of SALSA. When it was just ignited, the taste began to overflow, continued to ignite, the flavor became more and more rich, and it became curved.

      Virginia is scored in color, mainly: Lemon Virginia, Orange Virginia, Orange-Red Virginia, Red Virginia, bronze (Bronze Virginia) and Black. (Black Virginia) several.

    3. Virgin means "virgin", Virginia is a common name for girls in the West. This may be because there is a Virginia in Roman mythology, which is generally translated as "Virginian virgin", which allows his father to kill himself, so as not to be defiled by a administrator. Of course, Christianity's mother of Jesus is the saying of Jesus in the body of virginity, known as Virgin Mary, which is undoubtedly a common reason for Virginia.

      This in the United States has Virginia. It is named after the Queen Queen Elizabeth I, because Elizabeth I was unmarried for life and was known as Virgin Queen.

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