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    NFL [American Professional Rugby Alliance] Basic knowledge popularization


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    1. The NFL U.S. Professional Football League (NFL) is the top four professional sports league in North America, the world's largest professional American rugby alliance, and the world's most commercially value sports alliance. The league was first established in the name of the American Professional American Football in 1920. It was later renamed the National Rugby Alliance on January 28, 1922. In the United States, the NBA, Premier League, UEFA Champions League, rugby is the real national movement in North America.

      The national rugby alliance consists of 32 teams from different regions and cities in the United States. It is divided into the American American Rugby (AFC) and the National American Rugby (NFC). Each federation is composed of four partitions in the east, west, and south, and each partition has four teams.

      The annual competitions are divided into three time periods: Preseason, regular season, and Playoff. The preseason is the same as the warm -up of the regular season.

      The conventional season starts from the first week after the United States Labor Day in early September of each year. Each team played 16 games in September to December (usually on Thursday , Sunday or Monday).

      In the end of the conventional season, six teams in each federation will enter the playoffs, four championships in each partition, and the two best records of the remaining teams. The Wild Card team.

      Po three rounds of knockout, the respective championships of the two federations will meet in the pre -determined super bowl (Super Bowl) competition to compete for the Champions Cup -the Vison Longbadi Cup (Vince Lombardi Trophy). One week after the end of the super bowl, the best annual player selected by the two federations will participate in the professional bowl (Pro Bowl) -n a star match held in Hawaii.

      superbowl (Super Bowl) is the annual championship of the National American Football Alliance (also known as the National Rugby Alliance). The winner is known as the "World Champion". Super bowls are generally held on the last or first Sunday of February each year. On that day, it is called Super Bowl Sunday. The super bowl is the name of the game, and its trophy name is Vince Lombardi Trophy. Participated in the team's American American Football Championship and the National American Football Championship. Super bowls have been the highest ratings in the United States for many years, and have gradually become an unofficial national festival. In addition, Super Bowl Sunday is the second day in the United States' single -day food consumption, second only to Thanksgiving. When the super bowl is closed before and during the midfield, many pop singers and musicians will perform. The famous international superstars such as Michael Jackson and Beyonce have appeared on the stage of the super bowl midfielder.

      is 100 yards of the American football court, which is divided into half of the two sides of the two sides. There is a 10 -yard area of ​​the two ends of the stadium. The goal, the area within 20 yards of the Dahenduan area is called a red zone.

      The official game time for a total of 60 minutes, in the first half, 4 sections of 15 minutes. There are three pauses on each side each half, and the suspension time is 110 seconds. Each offensive preparation time is 40 seconds. After the start of the game, the clock will be maintained, only when the following is stopped: score, ball rights conversion, out of bounds, unfinished balls, fouls, and last 2 minutes of the last half (official suspension), referee suspension (player injury injury is injured , Judge the ball and foul, etc.).

      At the end of the competition time, as if the two sides played, they entered the overtime game, which was also 15 minutes. The overtime match needs to re -throw coins to determine the offensive and defensive. The sudden death method is adopted.

      Simbing similar to the rest of the ball, score into the target of the game. There are several types of scores:

      to reach: hold the ball over the opponent's bottom line, 6 points, which is called the array. After the battle, you can get an additional score opportunity. At this time, the ball is located on the opponent's 2 yard line. You can get 1 point in selecting a shot.

      Shooting: Picking through the goal and scored 3 points.

      S safety score: refers to the capture of the attacker holding the player in the ENDZONE, or running the ball within the boundary endzone, the defense party scored 2 points. At the same time, the ball right is converted to the defender, and the original attacker will kick the free ball.

      This to throw coins before each game and decide to attack the order. The guest team guess first. The one who attacked the ball first, and the defender kicked off.

      The start game (after selecting the attacker to get the first offense in the second half). The attacker took the ball back and returned to the offensive defense. At this time, the attacker has 4 offensive opportunities, the goal is to push the ball in the direction of the opponent's Endzone for 10 yards. If any successful advance to 10 yards, it will automatically get a new 4 offensive opportunities. If it fails to succeed in 4 times, the ball right will be converted to the defender at the last dead goal point. When the attack is usually not fruitful, the attacker will choose to discard the kick to keep the dead ball from the Endzone. If the ball point is closer to the opponent's Endzone after 3 offensive, the offensive may choose to shoot.

      1. Danan means that the player runs into the opponent's end area, or receives a pass at the opponent's end zone (when receiving the ball, you can touch the ground with your feet, and before landing, The end zone), 6 points at a time of each battle, and the score party will get an additional score opportunity after the match, you can choose 1 or 2 points. If the offensive party cannot reach the battle, you can also score 3 points by kicking free kick. Within a total of 60 minutes of competition, the high scoring party won.

      2. The team pushes the ball forward through a series of offensive (called "file"). Every time the pass is unsuccessful, or the player holding the ball is captured or out of the border, it marks the end of an offense.

      3. In order to maintain the ball right and win the attack opportunities, the attacking party must advance the 10 -yard distance in the four -gear offense. If a team promotes 4 yards in the first offense, then they need to advance at least 6 yards from the second stage to get a new round of four -speed offensive opportunities.

      4. In each attack, the team can choose to run the ball offense (the four -point guard handed the ball to the running guard or advance the ball by yourself) or pass the ball offensive Take over the frontcourt). In the fourth stage offensive, the team usually chooses to kick the free kick (if within the range) or discard kick (if they think that this offense cannot get enough yards, and try to avoid places where it is too close in this side area. Lost the ball).

      5. The players in the offensive team can move or block the opponent to prevent the players from being captured by the players. The ball came out.

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