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    IGN Japanese annual game list top 10 is public


    Sep 22, 2022
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    1. IGN JAPAN Annual Game 2021 selection activity (IGN JAPAN GOTY 2021) organized by the IGN Japan Editorial Department officially released the award -winning works of various departments, and now the annual TOP 10 list selected by the editorial department will also be officially official public.
      Prior to the announcement of the list, please allow me to reiterate the selection rules and precautions of the works in IGN JAPAN GOTY 2021.
      In selected works from December 1, 2020 to November 30, 2021, the game
      because of the game that will be released in December 2020, "Cyber ​​Punk 2077", "Du Du" Shen Ji: Fannis's Rise "," Dog "and other games can participate in the selection. On the other hand, although the multiplayer mode was opened first, because the single -player campaign needs to be released in December 2021, "Halo: Infinite" cannot participate in the selection.
      Overseas games are based on the release of the Japanese version
      The Japanese version of "Black Emperor" and "Paradise Killer" will only be launched this year.
      The candidate work must include Japanese version
      . Unfortunately, the Japanese version of "Italian Aircraft 2" and "Strange Life" cannot be launched cannot participate in this selection.
      The final result was discussed by all members of IGN JP, and the ranking may not be completely coincided with the evaluation score.
      . Although the protagonist who lost his memory took a miraculous encounter as an opportunity, he began to save the main story of the chaotic world. The node resolutely chose the path of changing and evolution.
      I Although the story of the gorgeous animation performances slowly appears to the surface, the overall feeling is undoubtedly the "legend" series. The form of adventure and daily performance through comics allows people to feel the closure between peers, and the camping place set up everywhere in the map gives the journey a touch of tenderness. Watercolor -like visual art styles can be described as beautiful, and the beautiful scenery also makes the performance bridge in the game more charming.
      If it is not completely familiar with and mastering the movement, development, and equipment enhancement of the game, it is still difficult to customize the level under ordinary difficulty. In terms of design, it may be more or less problematic, but at the same time, it also creates a combat experience that needs players to pay attention to the division of labor and strategy of team members. It is really refreshing to play the combat system with the connection between companions as the core, so I think that the game system that can get more refreshing by simple operations should be the most commendable point in this game. ——Ma Yuan Kuanzhao
      In tens of thousands of horror games, what is the special thing about the Biochemical Crisis? I think the answer is absolutely indispensable to create a very successful appearance. Since the birth of this series, a large number of roles have left a deep impression on us, such as Brothers and sisters of Redfield, Lyon, and Ethan, who debuted in the previous work.
      I think this is not only a major feature of the "Biochemical Crisis", but also the biggest source of "biochemical flavor". The Virgin Miranda and four nobles in "Resident Evil 8: Village" inherited the tradition of different character characteristics of the series, and on the basis of this, it also incorporated a certain fantasy setting. Since the werewolf has also become one of the main enemies that players in this game, the tension of this game as an action game has become stronger. In general, "Biochemical Crisis 8: Village" is definitely a masterpiece that can be satisfactory to fans. ——The Ye Ting
      Games of this work was first known for developing "Fortress" and "Crystal Tube". 》 After joining the Roguelite gameplay, the playability actually took another step, because no matter how many times you repeatedly play, there will always be the element that attracts you to play with you.
      In addition to being able to choose more weapons freely, the stories that you experience in each challenge will become more and more complicated and intriguing. The adventure of the prince of the underworld leave home will go further and further step by step with each death and resurrection. At a glance, the artistic style that can leave a deep impression is still worthy of praise, so that players will unconsciously look forward to the various scenes they are about to appear. The game BGM written by the composer Darren Korb has entered a new realm this time and is completely integrated with the game world. —— Ikeda
      The design concept of "Enhanced Players' Choice", which is best at "Enhanced Players", will be more likely to be perceived by players in "Death Cycle". Over time, Black Reef Island, which will show different appearances, inspire players to repeatedly explore the same scene in different ways, and the main line stories related to "cycle" and "repeat", "automatic archive" and other elements to join Also allow those stealth gamers who are pursuing perfectionism so that they will not have such a big psychological burden when playing. In addition, as the hero of the protagonist, Juliana, who is the only enemy character who will not lose memory after the cycle, will also show care of the players at all times in the game. If you want to feel the dramatic tension that keeps approaching the goal through the cycle again and again, and to experience the refreshing action gameplay, then come to the Black Reef Island. ——Muotan Xuanliang
      "Evil Carving" is a independent game based on card gameplay, focusing on narrative. With the explanation of a weird GM and the continuous advancement of card battles, the danger of this game will gradually appear. Although the game has made players feel a trace of horror from the beginning, the real danger will not be completely erupted until the game is in the middle of the game. Multiple changes in the game form will not only surprise players, but also gradually evoke the player's fear.
      But at the end of the process, the game will return to the theme of the card game. It can be said that it is precisely because of this game system that uses such a card game that it has created a game experience that is very close to the original fun of the card game. I feel. The experience that these players have experienced in card games in the past have in turn made this game more charming.
      In addition, this game also introduces a certain ARG element, so when you experience some game inner bridge sections, players may sometimes produce the illusion of being in the real world. When the ARG element is temporarily backward, players will involuntarily look forward to when the next ARG element will come, and it may even be obviously implanted here, but no one is discovered from beginning to end. In order to avoid spoilers, interested players should hurry up and play now. ——The foreign scale of "Extreme Ratings: Horizon 5" made me truly realize that the next generation has arrived. With the integration of the picture, feedback and real scenes, the players seem to be in the wilderness as soon as they enter the game, and Mexico, as the stage of this game, is just the most suitable land for driving.
      Under the performance of realistic sunlight and dust, players seem to really feel the hot summer heat (although the actual fever is only your PC or host). The rich navigation voice and the stage of this work are excellent, and it sounds like no rigidity generated by the program automatically. The rich types of natural features have greatly improved the sense of presence and immersion of the game, and at the same time, it also provides players with the motivation to drive.
      In the open world racing game category that follows and follows, this game is definitely the king of no doubt. For the Xbox brand, "Extreme Racing: Horizon 5" is undoubtedly an indispensable important component. ——The Ye Ting
      As a Japanese, the beautiful world of "Monster Hunter Rise" with the theme of Wind, the cherry blossoms in Yanyu Village, and the Touzi house shops all make me feel fascinating. Before the end, the main storyline of the player's curiosity and the hunting fun, which is still unchanged even if the new elements are added, reached a wonderful balance.
      On the other hand, the addition of Xiangzhu has brought revolutionary changes to the entire series, allowing the game to be so different from the action, exploring to the threshold for getting started. Not only can you perform three -dimensional and agile hunting moves, no matter which weapon use, but also freely go to the top of the mountain at the top of the mountain during the exploration process, creating a feeling of playing open world games like opening world games.
      The minor changes caused by the difficulty of survival caused by the body system, the rapid movement capacity brought by the hunting dog, and the removal of hot and cold drinks. monster hunter". In addition to the extremely high completion of the game itself, this game, as a game that supports multi -person online, also provides players with a new hunting partner or reuniting with old friends to establish contact with others. ——Dan Youxi
      The biggest charm of "Two Thoughts" that you must play in cooperation is that no matter which part of it is removed, it is still a luxurious feast. In addition to being very interesting to play, rich interaction movements, appropriate scene switching rhythm, and imaginative stage design are very commendable. I thought it should be a puzzle game, but on the way, it was full of racing, shooting, and even fighting. It fully demonstrated the developer's determination to "do not let players feel tired of doing anything".
      In addition, the two characters often need to use a completely different action module to cooperate to solve the puzzle. This resource utilization rate is too luxurious. Although after going through an adventure of more than 10 hours, the ending of the end is a bit bland, but during the play process, this game can definitely bring countless laughter and surprises to the two players, like a stuffed with each of each. The novel toy box is the same. —— Chiba Fangshu
      During the past 10 years, the type of game of Galaxy Demon City is exuding more and more vitality centered on independent games. At the moment when a large number of similar works are frequently emerged, many players including the author, including the return of the new work of the original ancestor "Mitterrod", have more or less concerns.
      , "Small Rhodode Survival Fear" uses its natural and challenging exploration and guidance, colorful action gameplay, and the research that is worth studying to completely shatter this uneasy. One of the best Galaxy Demon City games in 2021. In my opinion, this work, like the Legend of Zelda: the Best of the Wild "and" Super Mario Odyssey ", are all models of Nintendo's successful modernization of the classic series, and one of the representative works of the Nintendo Switch console. —— ク ラ ベ ・ ベ ス ラ
      The "Cyberpunk 2077", which has caused huge controversy due to the disappointment performance of the console version, is undoubtedly a work with different reputation players. However, this work still has wide recognition of free writers and editors within the IGN JP editorial department. The biggest reason is that the stage of the night city built by the game is far exceeding the content density of other open world games and the fusion of various aesthetic style of art design.
      In a small advertising signboard, to the streets of the residents gathered, they have been polished and designed, so they can always experience a special feeling when walking in this world. Although there is no much breakthrough in the existing gameplay in the gameplay, the cruel future scenes, despair stories that emerge on this charm are endlessly, and the wonderful urban legends that transcend our common sense are all legends that transcend our common sense urban legends. It is not full of pioneering.
      In addition, the changes between the relationship between the Johnny Silver Hand and the protagonist played by Kanu River and the ending of the two will also make people deep into the problem of "what is the real hero" Deep thinking. Based on these points alone, I think this work is enough to become a masterpiece of the history of leaving youths. ——Taijing Jin

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