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    How to refund it in the game


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “How to refund it in the game”
    1. General games and after recharge can not be returned successfully, but you can apply for a refund through the model paid by Apple mobile phones and Tencent. First install iTunes on the computer, click the account, log in to your Appleid, and then find the account for my account in the first column of the account. After entering, find the historical records, and then display it all. You can see your ID all purchase items. Click If you need a refund, click the problem to report the refund.
      The method of refund of Tencent game appeal: first open WeChat, then click on WeChat public account, open Tencent customer service in the public account, click the message in the middle part to fill in the order appeal refund, we fill in our game in the refund order application Basic information, description of the recharge process and the reasons for refund, uploading and recharge pictures, and the date of recharge must also be written. When we submit the information, the robot can send a acceptance process, which can be seen in the review results. The review time is generally 24 24 Within hours, please wait patiently.
      Reasonable and moderate games allow humans to challenge and overcome obstacles in the simulation environment, which can help humans develop intelligence, exercise thinking and response ability, training skills, training rules, etc. Spirit.

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