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    How to exit the money in the game?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Apple is still very user -friendly. After buying games or software, I feel that I ca n’t draw it. I can refund it. Let ’s teach you how to refund it. It feels troublesome, but there are only two steps to do.

      1. Record order number

      2. Submit a refund application

      Note: There is a time limit for applying for a refund. It was proposed within 90 days after application. Apple's official website has been revised. Most of the tutorials on the Internet are no longer applicable. Special compositioning this post will teach you how to refund everyone. I hope this tutorial can help everyone.

      Step 1: Query order number

      It apply for a refund. First of all A order number, so this order number is the key to refund. It can be found in iTunes (there will be in your App Store registered email)

      1 Run iTunes, click the omitted number, click the application to jump to the App Store interface

      2. Then click the account in the interface, you will prompt you to log in to the Apple ID, enter the Apple ID and password. After login, you will display your account information.

      3. Pull down, you can see a purchase history, click to display all.

      4. Find the order you want to refund the game or application in the shopping record, and then record the single number here, type and play it in the notepad.

      Step 2: Through iTunes Store technical support, apply for refund

      1. Open Apple's iTunes support page, and apply for refund on this webpage.

      2. Click to contact iTunes Store to support

      3. Click on purchase, bill and exchange

      4. n
      Ilads: Some netizens feedback this quality problem. At this time, you can choose the iTunes Store account account or the problems I encountered, and then explain the situation in the feedback bar.

      5. Click the email in the jump to the page

      6. Just accept it.

      It the return number of the refund here, and the project will fill in the refund of the XXX application. rnrn当然,也可以用中文来写了,描述中,就要描述清楚,你下载了什么应用程序,为什么退款,退款理由有以下供参考:rn
      1. The downloaded did not meet my expectations

      2. I think this game is not worth this money. The download is too disappointed

      3. Trial (try trial ) After that, there is no function I want (unhappy and unhappy)

      . In addition, if you buy internal purchase, you can also realize the refund through this method, and also refund through the order number. Within 24 hours after the refund submission, the customer service staff of iTunes Store will think of your contact by email, which can generally be completed.

      . Therefore, you need to reasonably plan your purpose before recharging the game. Although you can complete the refund operation, there are too many opportunities.

    2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. First of all, it is necessary to clarify whether the rechargeable money can be returned. It is necessary to depend on many factors such as the age of the user, the amount of recharge, the cycle of charging money, and proof. 2. Uesters under the age of 8 are invalid civil legal acts no matter how much recharge games are used, and they can be refunded. Under the age of 8 years, minors under the age of 18, the amount of recharge cannot be refunded with the age and intelligence of their own age and intelligence.

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