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    Economic Growth is a Path to PerDition, where does not proprity come from


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    1. From: Modern University English Reading (2nd Edition) The fourth volume of Economic Growth is a Path to Perdition, not
      "University English Reading":
      is a series of books published by Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press in 2006 The author is Zhai Xiangjun. Mainly provide textbooks for learning English.
      The set of textbooks are compiled by Fudan University, Peking University, East China Normal University, Renmin University of China, Wuhan University and Nanjing.
      "College English Reading" (1 Student Book 3 Edition) has a total of ten units in the first volume. Each unit consists of nine parts such as texts, new words, comments, exercises, reading exercises, and guided writing.
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      The full text translation:
      economic greWth is a path to perDition, not
      economic growth is destruction, not to the road of prosperity
      wayne ellwood rn韦恩•埃尔伍德rnCharles Darwin was a rigorous, scientist. He spent nearly 20 years honing his analysis and polishing his prose before his work, On the Origin of Species, in November 1859.rn Charles Darwin is a rigorous scientist. He published a pioneering masterpiece "Species" in 1859. Before publishing the book, he spent nearly 20 years of adoption and improvement of his analysis, and repeatedly moisturizing the text. rnDarwinsslimvolumewaswhatwewouldcalla"gamechanger,"aworkalteredthewayhumanbeingsseeandthenaturalworld.Todaymostofusarefamiliarwithhistheoryof"naturalselection"rntheofbiology.But150yearsago,Darwinwassailingintochoppywaters.TheChurchofEnglandhadsetrigid,andhisthesiswasclearlyachallengetothethathumanswereaseparate,uniquepartofGodscreationandthatalllifewasand.rn达尔文这本薄薄的书是我们称之为“改变游戏规则的"East -west, a revolutionary work that humans treat themselves and nature fundamentally. Today, most of us are familiar with his "natural choice" theory -the basis of modern evolutionary biology. But 150 years ago, Darwin was into the turbulent waters.
      The British National Church has already formulated strict rules, and his argument is obviously a challenge to the orthodox view -the orthodox view of the church believes that humans are created by God, independent of other creatures and unique; Life is created by God, sacred and unchanged. rnTheofthetimemockedhim.Therewasintensepublicdebate.ButDarwinwas.Todayhiscoreideathatallanimalsandplantsevolveandadaptselectionisthebedrockofmodemlifesciences.Heopenedthedoortoanewworld—adoorwhichreligiousand"design"arestilltryingtoclose.rn当时的当权者都嘲笑他。 His view has caused fierce discussion among the public. However, Darwin was not afraid. Today, his core point -all animals and plants have evolved in the process of natural selection and continuously adapted to nature -have become the foundation stone of modern life sciences. He opened the door to a new world -a religious community and the advocates of "smart design theory" that are still trying to close.
      Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-University English Reading

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