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    DuckGame Duck Game, how to online local four -person online detailed graphic tutorials


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. The charm of this game is multi -person online. Of course, you have to play challenges, but there are some difficulties. First, you can open the game. If you are the keyboard, the default is ESC, and then press this page again. And press C. Our purpose is that multi -person is not located on the local area. Press ESC.
      In the gun to break the glass into the interior. Here is your turn to choose. Find Game finds that the chance of Chinese is higher than foreigners, but it is very slow. Here I recommend you to add a few friends and create a game.
      This here is some basic settings. Here is a translation for everyone 1: Number of players (4 people in the upper limit) 2: Team mode 3: Game open/personal/friend, then move to S to Create Game to open the room to be completed. Essence
      Then you can invite friends (Shift TAB) Friends column of friends columns next to the arrows next to the friend.

    2. "Duck King" CK
      game can achieve a local online game of up to 4 people, but many players do not know how to achieve it. It doesn't matter. Because the following is a detailed graphic tutorial.
      In local four -person online chart tutorial
      1. First of all, you have to have two handles. This is necessary. If there is only one handle, you can only 3 people
      We step by step.
      can see that 1P becomes yellow duck
      3. Click on this
      and then adjust the above column to 1, 2p
      4. Last step, take 1P this this this, this is 1P this this, this is 1P this this, this is 1P this this. The green word is adjusted to 3, 2P to 4 [can also change 1 to 4, change 2 to 3, personal hobbies] then determine
      and then insert the two handles Because the author has only one handle here, only 3 people
      PS: P1 is ESC, P2 is equal to the number. In addition, piracy of this method cannot be online
      The method is here, I hope to help everyone.
      Dutt single game, only useful strategies.

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