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    Basic knowledge of American football


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    1. American football basic knowledge
      American rugby originated from British football and British football. The first rugby game between McGir University and Harvard University adopted British football rules.

      NFL (National Rugby Alliance) was founded in 1920. At that time, several clubs founded the formal federation file at the Hopmbil sports car show in Ohio.
      In 1960, the "American Rugby Alliance" (AFL) was established to compete with the National Rugby Alliance for the market. In 1966, AFL and NFL signed an agreement to formally merge the two alliances into NFL in 1970, and began the championship finals of both sides in 1967.
      In 1967, the first "AFL-NFL Championship" was held in Los Angeles. In 1969, the competition was named "Super Bowl".
      The use of positions and offensive tactics in the rugby competition. At the end of the game, the one with a lot of scores won.
      1 offensive players, 11 defensive players and several special service group players. During the competition, one side was the attacker and the offensive team; the other was the defense and the defense group. The two sides are offensive and defensive.
      Then NFL competition is divided into four sections, 15 minutes per section, accurate timing. The first two verses are the first half, and the second two sections are the second half. If a draw in the four quarters, one more section will be added to the final victor through the sudden death. There is a 12 -minute midfielder in the middle of the upper half. Each team has three suspension opportunities in the upper half for coaches to adjust tactics.
      The offensive group (OFFENSE) -The pushes the position through air passing and ground balls, and managed 6 points () to score 6 points. After reaching the battle, you can choose to get a free kick for another one point, or try to get 2 points from the 2 yard line.
      defensive group (Defense) -This with a tackling opponent holding a player, a coupling pass, cutting off the ball or promoting the opponent to the opponent to prevent the opponent, and strive to regain the ball.
      Special teams -Responsible for playing football when the two sides exchange offense and defense rights, and kick the additional score after the battle. The specific functions are: PUNT, Field Goal, Extra Point, and Kickoff.
      The offensive players are responsible for pushing the ball to the opponent's position until the score or losing the offensive right. They scored through the End Zone through the air passing or ground ball (PUSH or Run) to score (6 points).
      The offensive party must have four attacks on four offensive opportunities (don)*to advance at least 10 yards to reach the first attack to get a new four offensive opportunities. Otherwise, you will lose the offensive right and change to the opponent's offense.
      offensive position:
      four -point guard () -The leader of the team, dominated most offensive tactics.
      The center (Center) -The queue in the middle of the Qiu Line, responsible for the ball to launch every attack.
      This -each offensive group has two guards, queue on both sides of the center.
      Tackle -Each offensive group has two interceptions, which are queued on the outside of the guard.
      The tight end (Tight End) -s on the outside of the edge (near or tightly).
      The Wide Receiver -The queue is located at the position of 10-15 yards from the kick -up line, and is responsible for the air passing of the quarter -guard air.
      Running back -usually stands behind the tetraon; responsible for taking the ball to run or blocking the opponent's player in the offensive tactics, you can also pick up the quarter -guard pass Essence
      The defensive players are responsible for the capture of the attacking player to hold the ball player, making it unable to reach the first attack (FIRST DOWN), or cause the attacker to lose the goal, thereby preventing the opponent's score and recapturing the offensive right.
      defensive position:
      defensive tackle -queue on the defensive line; responsible for resisting the collision of the attacker; usually one or two defensive interceptions, which must be dependent on the defense formation. Essence
      defensive end (Defensive End) -The queue on the defensive line; responsible for preventing the ball offensive players or attacking the quarter -defending guard; (Sack); there are usually two fronts.
      Line guards () -The queue at 2-3 yards after defense interception and defense; responsible for intercepting the opponent's running front and staring at the player; sometimes the quarter -point guard (called raid).
      Corner guards () -The front line that takes over outside; is responsible for taking over to take over and assisted to intercept running or attacked players; usually set up two corner guards to depend on defense and offensive formation.
      Ifly (Safety) -The line at 8-10 yards of the line of scrimmage; responsible for cooperating with the opponent's pass (prevention of the attack on the attack); usually two central defender must be set, respectively, respectively. Strong Safety and Free Safety.
      The members of the special service group are responsible for kicking the ball to the opponent, caught the ball played by the opponent to attack, or kick free kicks. The group is often subdivided into Kicking Team or Receiving Team.
      Kickoff -kick -off in the upper half, and the team also played again after scoring.
      In abandoned kick -When the two sides exchange the ball right, the attacker try to kick the ball as much as the 0 to 20 yards of the defensive venue to increase the attack distance between the opponent.
      The free kick -scored 3 points by shooting the ball into the goal.
      Return (Return) -The ball group manages to catch the opponent's kick -off or abandoned kick, and rush back to the opponent's end.
      It offensive opportunities are called DOWN. The offensive party must advance the ball forward at least 10 yards within four offensive opportunities, otherwise the offensive right will be lost and the opponent will be attacked.
      If successfully pushed the ball to at least 10 yards, called the first down, you can get four more attack opportunities.
      -first down (FIRST DOWN) -The first attack (TRY)
      Second Down (Second offensive
      three attacks (Third DOWN) n Fourth down -the last offensive; at this time there are the following options:
      (1) Try to continue the attack (go for it) Correspondence. If it fails, the other party will start counterattack from Qiqiu.
      (2) free kick (Kick A Field GOAL) -This try to get 3 points by kicking the ball directly into the goal.
      (3) Abandoned (punt) -The attacker chose to kick the ball to the opponent, and the opponent began to attack. Try to kick the ball in the opponent's 0-20 yard line when you play.
      Touchdown = 6 points, usually there are two means:
      Themiao successfully passed the ball to the outside.
      Themiao can hand the ball to the running front, and then rush into the opponent's Danan area to score by the running front.
      Extra point = 1 point or 2 points
      to strive for additional points after reaching the formation, one of the following methods can be used:
      . Picking the goal near the code line (1 point)
      B. Attacking again at 2 yards from the Da Tan District, you can run with the ball or pass the ball to a player, and then bring the player to bring the ball Rushing into the opponent's Danan area (2 points, but difficult).
      No matter what the situation, the attacker can only have an additional score after the battle.
      The free kick (Field GOAL) = 3 points
      The free kick is usually tried to use at the time of four attacks (the last attack opportunity in a series of offensives or after reaching the battle).
      The prerequisite is that the ball point is close to the opponent's end zone. You can be sure to kick the ball into the goal and try a free kick by the special service group.
      The kick player must make the ball over the horizontal pole when kicking the free kick, between the two straight rods.
      SAFETY = 2 points
      This is the least scoring method of all score opportunities, which is to score points by defensive players. If the offensive player holds the ball in his own side and is captured by the defensive player, the defensive team scores 2 points. After the offensive party lost points, he still had to kick the ball to the opponent, and the opponent began to attack.
      WOR should not confuse the word security with the central defender in the defensive position. Both of them are safety.
      Cular season
      The conventional season usually starts in early September and lasts until the end of December. In the 17 -week schedule, each team will play 16 games, every week (one week of air). These 16 games are arranged like this:
      (1) Each team must play two games in the same partition of the same partition, one and one game (six games in total).
      (2) Each team must match one game (four games in total) with the four teams in the other division in this federation.
      (3) Each team will also have one game (four games in total) with four teams in another federation.
      (4) Each team must also have one game (two games) in each of the two teams in the same two parties in the two parties in the Federation.
      NFL's playoffs began at the end of December. According to the score in the regular season, 12 teams were promoted (6 NFC teams and 6 AFC teams) Participate in the playoffs.
      The final teams participated in the knockout match in their respective federations to determine the two federation championships, namely the AFC champion and NFC championship.
      The championship of the two federations to decide and defeat, the winner won the super bowl.
      Super bowl
      The teams of super bowl victory is the NFL championship of that year.
      The finals are usually held on Sunday or February on the last Sunday of January.
      The winning team will receive the "Wens-Longbadi" award seat. This award seat is named after the famous coach Ronaldi. The second super bowl champion.
      The players in the winning team will get a super bowl champion ring.
      The fans of super bowls have spread all over 175 countries. Super bowl competitions have also become the focus of 130 million TV audiences in the United States. On the day of the super bowl of Sunday, food sales in the United States exceeded any day except Christmas and Thanksgiving.

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